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Points of Attention for Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades

Jul. 02, 2019

Due to its characteristics, Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades are commonly used in printing and packaging machinery for the mechanical equipment of tungsten steel inserts. In the past, the speed of the magnetic powder clutch of the tungsten steel thin blade could not be high, because the high-speed friction of the tungsten steel blade magnetic powder during operation caused high temperature and shortened its life. In severe cases, it will be stuck, which will hinder the operation of the machine and have serious consequences for production. As a Professional Knife Manufacturer, let's share some points of attention.

1. Points for the attention of tungsten steel blades Ensure that the voltage, leather blade current and hydraulic equivalent are correct and stable before starting.

2. Points for the attention of tungsten steel blades Before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel must notify the departure device to ensure personal safety before starting operation.

3. Points for the attention of tungsten steel blades When running, do not touch the running film roll or roll core with your hands to avoid personal injury caused by hand getting involved.

4. Points for the attention of tungsten steel blades During operation, it is forbidden to scratch or cut each roller core with a thin blade of tungsten steel or a hard object.

Carbide Alloy Blade

Carbide Alloy Blade

Before the Carbide Alloy Blade is put into operation, check whether the working positions are properly adjusted. If lubrication is required, the grease should be added in advance. Check if the thin tungsten steel blade is sharp.

After all the normal, you can run the empty car first, check whether there is any abnormality, and input the processing order into the computer to check the order in advance; after the tungsten steel thin blade is put into operation, the attention point of the tungsten steel blade should adjust the equipment most according to the production situation. Good working condition, ensure that the slitting machine is moderately indented, the cutting blade has no burrs, and the trimming position on both sides is suitable. Ensure that the cross-cutting machine has smooth paper feeding and accurate cutting length. The attention points of tungsten steel blades are to be used for the vertical and horizontal cutting machine of production management. It is also necessary to monitor the operation of the machine at the same time, and prevent the paper jam phenomenon and the generation of defective products;

After the work is completed, clean the ash and paper scraps on the tungsten steel thin blade equipment in time. Check and grind the grinding wheel, drain the oil moisture high and the water in the gas storage tank, and check whether there is any abnormality in the running part.

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