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Something You Don't Know About Auto Grass Cutter Blade

Mar. 23, 2019

As an Automower Knife Factory, let us introduce the use of lawn mower blades.

First, how to adjust the Auto Grass Cutter Blade

When adjusting the mower blade screw, it is required to tighten the screw, swing 1/4-3/4 turn, screw the nut, and move the gasket by hand. If the gasket can move flexibly and then lock the nut, check again. Whether the gasket can move, if the screw is too tight, the blade will not move. After all the tests are completed, the blade runs for one minute, and the screws are touched by hand, which is hot or too hot. The blades of the brush cutter indicate that the screws are too tight, please adjust again.

Second, do the maintenance work of the Auto Grass Cutter Blade.

The traditional orchard weeding machine can no longer adapt to the existing orchard planting form, and the new product brush cutter of the brush cutter blade can fully meet the needs of today's orchard weeding operations. The use of a brush cutter for weeding can greatly improve the efficiency of the work. The grass flail mower blade can be kept on the surface to prevent soil erosion, beautify the environment and increase the organic matter of the soil.

Third, how to use the brush cutter blade safely

Auto Grass Cutter Blade


A. Use qualified gasoline and engine oil, and the brush cutter blade guarantees the mixing ratio (25:1 or 50:1).

B. Regularly (25 hours) check and replace the air filter and spark plug.

C. After working for one case of oil, rest for 10 minutes. After each work, clean the machine's loose gasket to ensure heat dissipation.

D. When storing, the body must be cleaned, the mixed fuel must be drained, the brush cutter blade burns off the fuel in the gasifier, the spark plug is removed, 1-2 ml of two-stroke engine oil is added to the cylinder, and the starter is pulled 2-3 times. , put a spark plug.

2. Blade

The Auto Grass Cutter Blade nylon lock should be controlled for its length (=15cm). When the blade of the brush cutter blade is used, the balance of the blade should be ensured. Never use a vibrating blade.

(1) The rope is aimed at the relatively tender and well-cut grass.

(2) Square blades are mainly for hard, brittle, similar to reeds.

(3) The diamond-shaped blade is aimed at vines and small shrubs, which are relatively tough.

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