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Carbide Inserts Precautions

May. 30, 2019

As a Mower Knife Manufacturer, let's share with you the precautions for using carbide inserts.

1. When the carbide insert is not used, the blade should be hung vertically on a dry shelf. The alloy slitting blade cannot be laid flat. Flat laying will cause the alloy slitting blade to deform.

2. The serrated teeth used in the carbide inserts are super-hard and sharp. It is forbidden to collide and fall off the ground. It must be handled gently.

3. Carbide inserts must be equipped with protective covers, work gloves, helmets, safety shoes, and safety glasses.

4. Before installing the alloy slitting blade, the performance of the tungsten steel blade sawing table and the use of the carbide insert must be confirmed. Ensure that the cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the alloy slitting blade is consistent with the rotating direction of the sewing table. Installation. Incorrect orientation may cause the alloy slitting blade to slip off. The carbide insert is used to prevent accidents.

Robotic Lawn Mower Blades

5. When installing the alloy to cut the tungsten steel blade, the hard alloy blade must first check whether the non-woven slitting knife has cracked, twisted, flattened, lost teeth and so on.

6. The cemented carbide insert is installed with the finished stone. It is necessary to confirm whether the center hole of the alloy slitting blade is firmly fixed on the flange of the saw table. The gasket must be sleeved when there is a washer. Then, gently push it by hand. Check if the alloy slitting blade rotates eccentrically.

7. When using, please do not exceed the maximum speed specified by the equipment.

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