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Carbide Knives has Innovative Features

Oct. 14, 2019

  Cemented Carbide Knife is a much lower cost than stainless steel, but it is precisely because of tungsten steel, which is both wear-resistant and hard enough, is not particularly expensive and is more suitable for round insert cutting. Tungsten Carbide Knives not only costs less than those made from stainless steel, but more importantly, the tungsten steel blades keep these blades stable at high temperatures in rotating contact, as the price of these tungsten steels is not special. High and easy to machine, the current round inserts can be made of tungsten steel with more innovative round inserts.

Carbide Knives

Tungsten Carbide Knives

  The toothed and edged design on the alloy insert is also a way to increase the efficiency of the round insert. We all know that the cutting ability of the round blade made of tungsten steel is very suitable for circular blade cutting, but we have to admit that it is still difficult to choose the right alloy blade now, because you have to figure out which one Tungsten steel round inserts are more suitable for your plant. Now the manufacturers of alloy inserts have more designs for the cutting edges of tungsten steel round inserts, but the various serrated round inserts become smoother and faster but not necessarily high.

  The alloy blade has a very strong cutting ability, but it is also difficult to select the Round Tungsten Carbide Knife with sufficient cutting capacity. Now many manufacturers are beginning to make beautiful designs for the appearance of such circular blades when producing tungsten round blades. Although the value of such alloy blades is improved and the working ability in some aspects is improved, but you still necessary to consider whether this aspect of tungsten steel round blade lifting is what you need. If you need a fast but not too good cut, you can choose a tungsten steel round blade with a better sawtooth. If you need a high degree of machining results, you can choose those special tungsten steel round blades.

  The internal structure of the alloy blade is good, avoiding the sharpening phenomenon during the fine grinding process. The advantages of the cemented carbide cutting blade improves the clean cutting section and the requirement of the primary cutting, the high-precision grinding machine, and the high processing precision. The alloy blade completes the high-gloss mirror cutting edge. The flat part is cut, smooth, and hairless to the thorn cloak; the high hardness, sharp blade, alloy blade has good wear resistance, once the cutting is installed, cutting Long operating cycle, advantages of carbide cutting blades High-speed steel cutting inserts have a long service life.

  Carbide is used as a structural part of many products, such as rotary seal ring, compressor piston, lathe chuck, grinding machine spindle, bearing journal and so on.

  Wear-resistant parts: wear-resistant parts made of hard alloys include nozzles, guide rails, plungers, balls, tire studs, snow shovels, and so on.

  Other uses: Cemented carbides are used more and more widely. In recent years, they have been expanding in the civilian sector, such as bracelets, case, zipper heads for high-grade bags, and carbide labels.

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