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What are The Causes of the Lawn Mower's Mowing Weakness?

Aug. 06, 2019

In the process of using the lawnmower, we will have a situation of mowing. What is the cause of mowing grass weakness? How should it be solved? As an Industrial Blade Manufacturer, let's explain it to everyone.

1. A dirty air filter will restrict air from entering the carburetor, causing the mower to run out of power. If the engine is running in a dusty place, the cleaning work is really important, as follows:

Remove the air filter, take out the filter element, separate the foam filter element from the paper filter element, and carefully inspect the two filter elements for holes or cracks. If damage occurs, it should be replaced.

Foam filter: Wash with the household detergent solution and warm water, then rinse. After washing, the filter element is allowed to dry out. Let the filter element soak the clean engine oil and squeeze the oil. If too much oil remains on the foam, the engine will smoke during the start-up phase.

Paper filter: Gently tap the filter on a hard surface to remove the dust from the top, or use a high-pressure airflow to blow from the inside out. Do not brush the dust with a brush because the brush will squeeze the dust into the fiber. If the filter is dirty, replace it.

Automower Blade

Automower Blade

2. Excessive oil filling affects the combustion of the engine (string oil) and will emit blue smoke.

3. Mowing the grass is not strong In addition to the engine, it may be that the Automower Blade is blunt. If the lawn trimming work is heavy, we need to clean and polish it regularly. Then the bushes or the dry grass are dense, and we need to slow down the cutting speed to reduce the load on the engine.

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