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Circular Blade Heat Treatment Technology

Aug. 25, 2019

Round inserts are usually produced from high-quality special steel. Nowadays, round inserts are used in various industries, and their use is very common. It is important to know that round inserts are not good for use in addition to the choice of steel materials, heat treatment is one of the most critical factors. To understand the luxury of the circular blade, it is necessary to understand the heat treatment process of the lower circular blade. Industrial Blade Manufacturer will come to you today.

After the round blade is forged and roughed by the lathe, heat treatment is performed. The common heat treatment for round inserts is salt bath heat treatment and vacuum heat treatment. No matter which heat treatment method is used, different temperatures are required for different materials. For example, some materials can reach the highest hardness when they reach 800 degrees, and some can reach 1100 degrees to release the highest hardness.

Stainless Steel Round Blade

Stainless Steel Round Blade

When the selected Circular 45mm Blade material is heat-treated, it must be tempered after reaching the highest hardness. No matter what kind of material the blade has to achieve 2-3 tempering at least, the blade performance can be fully delivered. If the number of tempering is less. This can cause uneven distribution of the tissue in the blade and cause the blade to be unsuitable. After two or three times of tempering, the round blade is placed in a room temperature air for cooling, so that the heat treatment of the round blade is completed.

Keep in mind that whether it is the Stainless Steel Round Blade or other blades, the hardness is obtained by tempering. Generally, the highest hardness is obtained by quenching and heating, and then the desired round blade hardness is obtained by tempering.

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