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Several Methods Of Cutting Different Angles By Rotary Cutter Blade

Apr. 08, 2019

As a Rotary Cutter Blade Manufacturer, let's introduce a few round blades for different angles. Taking the SKS-7 Rotary Cutter Blades as an example, the circular blades are roughly classified into the following types according to the different viewpoints of the cut:

1. Cut horizontally. This method of incision refers to the incision of the food or the film or the paper, that is, the incision of the straight point of view.

2. Squeeze and cut. There are not many cutting methods, which are usually synchronous cutting with the same data speed. However, this cutting method has a certain viewpoint, and is usually used in textiles, such as non-woven fabrics, and of course, in plastic film. Cut on.

3. Angle cut. It means that there is a little point of view when the cut is made. Usually, the viewpoint is between 2-5 degrees and 15 degrees or more. This method of cutting has two parts, one is a top-cut circular blade, and the lower-cut circular blade. When cutting, the object to be cut has a little point of view with the undercut circular blade. The viewpoint is according to the planning requirements, so that it will not cause the appearance of the object to be offset, usually cutting thicker objects, such as composite film. , thick paper, etc.

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