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Electroplating Process for Round Inserts

Sep. 06, 2019

As a Rotary Cutter Blade Manufacturer, let's talk about the plating process of round blades.

The common materials for round inserts are high-speed steel and die steel. The round inserts used in some food industries need to be rust-proof. These two materials do not meet the needs of the knife for the food industry. Stainless steel round inserts are not suitable for use in the food tool industry because of their low hardness and poor wear resistance. Thus, the electroplating process for the high-speed steel round insert and the die steel round insert resulted in galvanizing, chrome plating and titanium plating. Such as SKS-7 Rotary Cutter Blades.

As metal plating, these three electroplated metal elements have a rust-proof function, but the performance and price are largely different. Let's talk about galvanized round inserts. The color of galvanized inserts is not good, but the rust resistance of galvanizing in these three electroplating elements is strong. If the coating is cracked or defective, it can also be used because of the electrochemical effect of zinc. A greater degree of protection against metal rust. The disadvantage is that the hardness of zinc is low and it is not suitable for the slitting and rubbing operation of a circular blade. The galvanization is relatively low in these three kinds of electroplating.

Rotary Cutter Blades 45mm

Rotary Cutter Blades 45mm

The surface of the chrome-plated round blade is bright white, and the rust-proof performance is good. The wear resistance is better in the three platings. The disadvantage of chrome-plated round inserts is that once the chrome plating layer is cracked or defective, the electrochemical effect of chromium causes the crack to be easily rusted.

The surface of the titanium-plated round blade is good-looking, and the gold-yellow color is more beautiful after oxidation treatment, and the hardness is lower than that of the chromium. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the round blade is also less titanium-plated. The single-axis shredder blade in the machine tool has more titanium plating, but it is often used as a single-axis shredder blade for export.

In general, the food cutting cutters in the general food industry use more chrome-plated round blades. The chrome-plated inserts have both hardness and wear resistance, good rust-preventing ability, and relatively moderate cost.

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