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How To Extend The Life Of Tungsten Steel Blades?

Jun. 17, 2019

The Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades industry has expanded with the development of the machinery industry. More and more types of blades have appeared in the mechanical manufacturing industry. Among them, the cutter blades are excellent in the type of blades dedicated to the pulverizer.

In order to better meet the needs of users, the longevity of tungsten steel blades has become the main problem in our current market. Therefore, as an Industrial Blade Manufacturer, we believe that the details of the protection of tungsten steel blades mainly include the following aspects:

 1. Place the mechanical ventilation position, and extend the life of the Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades to allow the motor to dissipate heat and prolong the life.

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades

 2. Regularly check the blade screws. After 1 hour of use of the new machine of the slitting machine, the life of the tungsten steel blade is extended by the tool to tighten the screws of the moving knife and the fixed knife to strengthen the fixing between the blade and the tool holder.

 3. Regularly lubricate the bearings, and extend the life of the tungsten steel blades to ensure the lubricity between the bearings; check whether the belts are loose and adjust them in time so that the blades are not wasted and the service life of the Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades is even longer.

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