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How To Extend The Life Of The Carbon Steel Grass Blade

Mar. 13, 2019

As a Blade Automower Manufacturer , we will take a carbon steel grass blade as an example to discuss how to extend the life of the tool.

In order to extend the life of the tool, it is necessary to choose the type of metalworking fluid and optimize the processing method, especially for difficult materials.

Automower Blade

1. Proper control of cutting force and cutting speed

2. Choose a reasonable cutting method

3. Guarantee timely and effective chip breaking

4. Choose the right cutting fluid

High-quality cutting fluids are required for cutting difficult-to-machine materials, and the cost of such cutting fluids is relatively expensive. However, in the cutting process, the difficult-to-machine materials often have an adverse effect on the service life of the tool. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable cutting fluid to effectively extend the service life of the tool and reduce the processing cost. The direct cause of tool damage is cutting force and cutting heat. Therefore, no matter which processing method is used, the fundamental purpose is to minimize the temperature of the cutting edge of the cutting part and the processed area of the part, and to prevent the surface of the machined part from hardening. And the tip temperature is too high, increasing the heat dissipation area and controlling the cutting force.

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