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How to Maintain Stainless Steel Food Knife?

Jun. 13, 2019

For the person who cherish his Stainless Steel Food knife, daily maintenance is an important step. The problem that is difficult to solve for knives is their rust. If you don't maintain it properly, any knives will rust. 

Stainless Steel Food knife

Please see some methods to maintain it below:

1.Tool water grinding method: when the knife is blunt, add water to grind back and forth on the sharpening stone by the angle of 15 degrees to 20 degrees, which is to make knifes sharp.

2.After using the Stainless Steel Food Knife, the knife should be cleaned with warm water and detergent. After washing and drying, apply anti-rust oil or cooked cooking oil, then place it in a ventilated and dry place to ensure that it is away from water and gas cookers in case of any rust.

3.If the Stainless Steel Food Knife is rusty, you can use a piece of potato to wipe it carefully several times, then wipe it with a rag. When the knife is rusted, put the knife into the rice water for 3 hours to remove the rust.

4.When the tool is unfortunately rusted, you can also gently rub the rust on the cotton cloth and gently remove the rust.

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