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The Correct Way To Use Automower Blade

Apr. 27, 2019

As a Blade Automower Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for the use of the Automower Blade.

1. How to adjust the Automower Blade

When adjusting the Automower Blade screw, it is required to tighten the screw, swing 1/4-3/4 turn, screw the nut, and move the gasket by hand. If the gasket can move flexibly and then lock the nut, check the gasket. Whether it can move, if the screw is too tight, the blade will not move. After all the tests are completed, the blade runs for one minute, and the screws are touched by hand. It is hot or too hot. The Automower Blade indicates that the screws are too tight. Please adjust again.

2. Do the maintenance work of Automower Blade

Traditional orchard weeding machines can no longer adapt to the existing orchard planting form, and Automower Blade new product brush cutters can fully meet the needs of today's orchard weeding operations. The use of brush cutters for weeding operations can greatly improve work efficiency. Automower Blade weeds can be kept on the surface to prevent soil erosion, beautify the environment, preserve water and increase soil organic matter.

Automower Blade

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