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The importance of cutting tools in outdoor travel

Jul. 12, 2019

Many friends regard outdoor sports as a way to relax. Outdoor gear is also an important part of outdoor sports, but there is a small object that is easily overlooked, that is, outdoor knives. Some friends who have just been exposed to outdoor sports may have misunderstandings about the understanding of outdoor knives. Because novices may not be trapped in deserts and forests. A handcuffed tool can protect your safety outdoors and provide greater convenience.

1. What characteristics should the outdoor knife have?

1. Excellent steel and heat treatment

The choice of steel and heat treatment process determines the hardness and retention of the tool, and even affects the sharpness of the tool to a certain extent. In the outdoors, we don't have enough conditions and time to polish the tools. Good outdoor tools can always be sharp in many days of use.

2. Not easy to rust

The outdoor weather and environment are changeable. Of course, you don't want the shiny steel knife to be rusted during outdoor activities. Relatively speaking, alloy steels containing elements such as chromium have a relatively high degree of rust resistance, and some high-carbon steel knives with better hardness are prone to rust without the protection of the surface coating rather than being the most suitable for outdoor use.

3. The body is firm

The most important point of a qualified outdoor tool is whether the body is strong. For straight knives, outdoor knives should be stiff and the parts should be securely mounted. The knives of the full keel (simply the original steel strip extending to the shank) are considered more reliable, while the hollow shandle is relatively unreliable. Of course, the premise of this comparison is that the work is at an approximate level. For folding knives, outdoor knives should be locked securely, with safety devices or scabbards, at least during slashing and cutting, the folding knives will not disintegrate, accidentally unlock or accidentally unfold the blade.

Second, the types of outdoor tools

Outdoor knives are not a simple outdoor gear, they come in different types and uses.

Fixed knife

This is the most common tool. The blade is fixedly combined with the tool holder. The blade must be placed in another additional sheath. It is bulky and difficult to carry around. If you want to carry it, you must place it in a safe place so as not to accidentally injure other things.

2. Folding knife

The shape is similar to that of a general fixed knife, but the blade can be folded into the handle. It is easy to carry and has high safety. When selecting, you must pay attention to whether the handle is easy to grasp. Whether or not the cassette is attached can fix the blade and will not move freely.

3. Chopper

It is suitable for use in undeveloped forests, mountain expeditions, open roads, and refuge.

4. Multi-function tool

The representative of the multi-purpose tool is the Swiss army knife. The Swiss army knife is also called the universal knife. It is a folding knife with many tools on one knife. It is named after the Swiss military equipped the tool with such a utility knife. The basic tools in the Swiss Army Knife are often ballpoint pens, toothpicks, scissors, flat-mouth knives, can openers, screwdrivers, tweezers, etc. To use these tools, simply pull them out of the fold of the blade and use them.

An outdoor player must have a deep understanding of the use of outdoor equipment. The tool is dangerous, but it also guarantees our safety. Outdoors, the role of a good tool is often huge. It's great to protect yourself and break the mountain, so small that you can cook, so it's important to pick a tool that suits you.

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