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The Things You Did Not Know About Robotic Lawn Mower

Feb. 27, 2019

ROB is a brand new, battery powered, automatic robotic lawn mower innovatively made, that provides you with a perfectly completed yard with minimal work.

ROB is fully programmable meaning you can tell him how and when to mow your lawn. You can get him to cut the lawn at night or during periods when you aren’t in the garden, ensuring that you can spend every minute the sun is out enjoying spending time in the garden, rather than mowing the grass. In addition, It is equipped with a complete Automower Blade.

Unlike petrol or electric lawn mowers, ROB is battery powered so is almost silent. Meaning you won’t annoy the neighbours if you use it at night, and you can still enjoy the garden whilst he’s at work. A sharp Lawnmower Blade help it finish cleaning work very quickly,

Automower Blade

We are the Professional Knife Manufacturer in China, tell us the type your Robotic Lawn Mower. We can suggest which Grass Flail Mower Blade is more suitable for it.

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