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What Is A Rotary Cutter And Tips For Rotary Cutting Success?

Feb. 01, 2019

A Rotary Cutter Blade is a tool normally used by quilters to reduce cloth. It includes a deal with a round blade which moves, consequently the tool's name. Rotary cutter blades are extremely sharp and can be found in various sizes: typically smaller blades are utilized to cut modest curves, while bigger blades are utilized to cut straight lines and wide curves. Several layers of cloth can be cut simultaneously using a sharp (new ) blade, which makes it much easier to cut patchwork bits of the identical form and dimensions compared to scissors.

The invention of the Textile Rotary Cutter Blade has had a huge impact on modern quilt making. Not only does it save an enormous amount pf time, it has introduced new skills and techniques into the quilt making process.

Always cover the blade with the built-in cover when you set it down. Get into the habit of doing this every time you use the rotary cutter. An exposed blade can be very dangerous, and a nick in the blade can cause problems when cutting.

When using your Fabric Textile Rotary Cutter, always cut away from your body, not towards you.

Only use the rotary cutter to cut textiles. As with scissors, using a rotary cutter to cut through paper or cardboard will blunt the blade quickly.

Rotary Cutter Blade

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