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Development Of Tungsten Carbide Blade

Dec. 08, 2018

The current trend of machine tools is high speed, high precision and high quality. The high-speed operation of the mold, cutting tools, mechanical parts of the external disposal request is also getting higher and higher.  In order to cope with high-speed machining and save a lot of processing time and cost, the improvement of tools has become an important factor. Tungsten Carbide Blade is increasingly used in the tool market due to their high wear resistance and hardness.

At present, the imbalance of tool construction is not the right way to consume tools and demand. For example, the demand for Carbide Alloy Blade is large, but the high-speed steel cutters are over-consumed; modern manufacturing is in urgent need of high-efficiency tool gaps, but low-grade gauge tools are over-consumed.

At present, cemented carbide tools have occupied the leading position of the tool, with a specific gravity of 70%. High-speed steel cutters are shrinking at a rate of 1% to 2% per year, and the current proportion has fallen below 30%. Multi-function Knife such as diamond and cubic boron nitride have a specific gravity of about 3%.


Tungsten Carbide Blade

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