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Are You Using Your Rotary Cutter Blade Safely?

Dec. 15, 2018

Be secure with knives. The majority of us are fairly solid on that reality by the time we are old enough to run a sewing machine. And yet, in regards to using a Rotary Cutter Blade,things can occur.

Clearly the rotary cutter is a wonder-tool we could not live without. So quickly! So effective! So exact! The matter is, it's a really (really!) Sharp Carving Blade, and that means you have to be much more cautious than if you're just snipping off with scissors.

1. Remember, that blade is sharp!

Yes, we're repeating ourselves However it's easy to become careless after the crafting excitement places in. This really is a Industrial Razor Blades, individuals. Always handle it with caution.

2. Match brands

No, you can't cut this corner. The blade actually needs to match perfectly in your cutter in order for it to work safely and correctly. Ensure to always purchase the exact same brand and size blade that came with your cutter initially.

Any else more details, Please call us, a professional Professional Knife Manufacturer.

Rotary Cutter Blade

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